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HTML Resources - HTML, Java Script, XML, DHTML, Internet Marketing and more!
HomeSite I've been using HomeSite since long before <allaire> corporation ever thought about purchasing the company. Actually, long before most people had even heard of the program back in its shareware days. In October of 1999 HomeSite ranked #1 when InternetWorld surveyed 136 professional design firms about their favorite HTML tools. Built with HomeSite
Web Developers Journal The information source for Web development and site design, HTML, Web graphics and audio, Internet marketing, e-commerce, Web development tools and software, since 1994.  
Color Selector A handy web page that helps you visualize the 216 web safe colors, both as page backgrounds and as text.  
Web Site Promotion The best site in the world is no good if it doesn't get any traffic... That's always been my moto and with these resources, (free and paid) you can learn what not to do, and some of what to do to correctly and profitably promote your web site in the search engines and beyond.