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Whether you are just starting to plan your new web site, or you already have one...  we can help get your site listed at the Top of the most visited Search Engines and Internet Directories.  
  You can build a great web site, but no matter how much time or money your put into it, no one will visit...
...Unless They Can FIND Your Site!

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There are hundreds and hundreds of search engines and directories on the Internet. Any of them can bring traffic to your site, but only about 10 of these sites will ever bring you any meaningful traffic. In fact, towards the end of 2002 the only site that really matters is Google. Between traffic on their site and the results they power on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape etc., Google is provding 80% or more of the search results today.

  So I focus my promotion efforts on those top search engines. When I list a site with these traffic building web sites, I don't use some "automatic submission" program to do it, I actually visit every site and enter the necessary information directly into the databases.

This is the best way to get listed in these top sites, and the only way that I'll ever do it. Some companies will charge you hundreds of dollars, spend a few minutes entering your information into their "automatic submission" program, (or have YOU enter it on their web site) and then walk away.

  But that's no way to build traffic to your site!
In fact, if your web site is for a business, sites like Yahoo will never list you if you use such a program. And since Yahoo is one of the most searched directories on the Internet, don't you think your site should be listed there?

(If you have a for profit business site, Yahoo charges $299 per year just to consider adding your site to their directory. Beware of companies that claim to submit your site to 100's of search engines and Yahoo for anything less. It just isn't possible.)

So, do I visit hundreds of sites when I'm listing a web site? No, I only visit the sites that get the most hits and therefore are most beneficial to my clients. I used to submit to hundreds of other sites with software, but there is no point in that anymore. My experience has shown that of all the traffic that my clients sites receive, over 95% of the Search Engine and Directory traffic comes from the top sites that I focus on.

  I also don't simply submit a site to a search engine or directory and hope to get listed. There is a lot more to it than that.

First the site must be properly set up. (Sites that were designed by someone else must first be modified in order to be effective. If I didn't do that, you would be wasting your money.)

First I start with a proper title - not just for the main page, but for every single page of a site.

(I'm amazed how many sites I visit, some by multi-million dollar firms that don't even have a title.)

  Next I use various META tags - such as keywords, description, revisit, robots and more. While it's true that these meta tags are not as usefull as they once were, it's still important to use them. Of course there are a few other "tricks", and they DO NOT involve "spamming" the search engines or directories.

Some companies also use "Page Cloaking" and other methods to feed different fake pages to the search engine spiders. While these methods can work, they are often very costly, bordering on illegal and can easily get your site banned for life if caught. New Age Web Marketing does not use these methods, I don't want to, and quite frankly, I don't need to.

Please contact me for a free web site evaluation and quote. I look forward to working with you on your site!

Below are links to some of my best Search Engine and Directory listings.

Site ranking may vary as the search engines change their ranking algorithms and add or delete sites, but you will find most of my clients listed at or near where I say they are. Please, feel free to ´click over´ and see for yourself.

Here at New Age Web Marketing we are Search Engine Promotion Specialists, and we are not afraid to PROVE it! See for yourself!
Our New Age Clients Our Tool and Party Rental Store Clients Other Clients We Have Worked For