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I have satisfied clients across the United States. Here is what Ellen Mogensen, a New Age client located in New Jersey had to say about my web promotion services.

Past Forward
Past Life Healing

Past Forward - Past Life Healing

"For search engine promotion, I highly recommend John Martel and New Age Web Marketing. John's results on my behalf speak for themselves. With his help, my site has been consistently rated in the Top 5 on search engines like Google, Yahoo, I Won/Ask, Bing, and Alta Vista.

Do not take my word for it, see for yourself by either clicking on the links above or by searching on keyword "Past Life Healing" and look for my company name Past Forward. Since John has promoted my site, my traffic has exploded! There have been a steady stream of new customers, and a host of other opportunities that have come my way due to my top rankings on all the major search engines.

I have constantly been surprised by how well my site has done on many other keywords. Promotion just gets better all the time! The truth is that you can have the greatest site in the world but that does not mean anything unless people can find it.

Using John´s expertise, you too can improve your rankings in the major search engines. John offers unmatched service and support. He has helped me improve my site time and again by providing quick and helpful technical support when it was needed the most. I am very grateful for all the support and help that John has given me over time. It has proved to be invaluable to my success.

I invite you to Email me at if you want to learn more about my very profitable association with John Martel and New Age Web Marketing.

Thanks, John, so much for everything!

Ellen Mogensen,
Past & Now Forward

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