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We constantly get our clients listed at the top of the Search Engines. The best site in the world is of little use if no one can find it. Take a look at the results we´ve achieved for some of our New Age clients. Let us put our experience to work on YOUR site and get it Listed & Visited!
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Discount New Age Books
Past Forward - Past Life Healing
Larger Life Chiropractic
Search engine results can and will change slightly from time to time. But, unlike many of my "competitors," I don't make you go searching all over... I link directly to various search engines and prove my results. So, the results may not be exactly where I list them, but odds are they will be close.

Database driven shopping cart site with 1,000's of New Age Books at up to 85% Off Retail.
Google - "New Age Books"

Google - "Metaphysical Books"

Bing - "New Age Books"

Bing - "Metaphysical Books"

Yahoo - "New Age Books"
#1 & #2

Yahoo - "Metaphysical Books"
#1 & #2

I created and promote this site.

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Past Forward
Past Life Healing
Past Forward - Past Life Healing

Are you being harmed by Past Lives? Find out... At 300+ pages, Past Forward is the biggest site on Past Lives you'll find in this Lifetime! You can heal your life today by unlocking the secrets of your Past Lives NOW!
All searches were for:
Past Life Healing




Ask /
#1, 2 web results

Google - Past Lives


Client created this site.
I promoted it.

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Larger Life Chiropractic
Larger Life Chiropractic

Provides information on the services available from this Southboro, MA based chiropractor. Features English, Spanish and Portuguese versions.
Yahoo - "Eastern Massachusetts Chiropractor"

Google - "Massachusetts Chiropractor"
#11, 12
#1, 2 for "Eastern Massachusetts Chiropractor"

DMOZ - Their category for Chiropractic/Offices_and_Professionals

We created and promoted this site.

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Let's Not Forget....
Our Own New Age Web Marketing Site!
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Our New Age Clients Our Tool and Party Rental Store Clients Other Clients We Have Worked For
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